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In Edgar:Confessions of an English Bulldog, Edgar lives with his human companions Sir Charles and Lady Christina Whintney-Henderson in the county of Hampshire, South-east England.

There are altogether fourteen dogs in the neighbourhood; all different breeds. They refer to their human co-inhabitants as companions – never as owners.

Dogs have been part of human existence for almost 20,000 years and no animal has more effortlessly adapted to changing environments and circumstances. One of their many talents is to read human body language far better than humans themselves are capable of. With the exception of Sir Charles – Edgar’s companion – none of the other humans are aware that their canine friends understand every word spoken.

The dogs regularly meet up on Edgar’s big lawn where they discuss what is going on in the world in general, their human companions’ behaviour, the latest rumours and everything else that takes place in the universe. One of the big questions they struggle with is why humans say something in public and something entirely different in private. Another conundrum is why tolerance is in such short supply among humans.

Edgar often thanks his lucky star for having a companion like Sir Charles, one of the few humans who can communicate with dogs.

At the age of five, Edgar hits on the idea of presenting in writing his and his friends’ thoughts and observations. For a while he struggles with the decision whether to go for chronicles or confessions but finally decides that the latter would be more honest. He approaches Sir Charles, who declares himself willing to write on his computer what Edgar relates. They agree that not a single word would be changed without Edgar’s permission.

Edgar’s innate respect for integrity never wavers, and Sir Charles, true to his word, writes it all down – sometimes amused and in between shocked to learn what dogs actually think about their human companions.

EDGAR, along with a Black Russian, a Poodle, a Golden Retriever, a Greyhound, a German Shepherd, a Cane Corso, a Crossbreed, a Black Labrador, a Bullmastiff, a Chihuahua, a Highland Terrier, a Pitbull and a Rottweiler provide a twenty-first century answer to Animal Farm in a modern and affluent setting.

Edgar, Confessions of an English Bulldog.

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Norwegian author Ivar Rivenaes, whose books include Edgar: Confessions of an English Bulldog, Tomorrow is Far Away, Annie Rae, At the First Fall of Snow, Those Who Leave

Ivar Rivenaes.

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Edgar, Confessions of an English Bulldog.

‘…A fantastic first novel. This is a big work, full of materiel – thoughts and experiences, and stamped with a lively ability to write…’

‘…Ivar Rivenaes has at any rate imagination, a sharp eye for the essential feature of a character, and last, but not least, – he is in possession of a baroque humour that infects the reader…’

‘…He knows like few others how to drive the action forward so that one simply has to read on…’

‘…one can’t remain indifferent, the book forces one to read on, to take a standpoint…’

‘…This is well written! The 350 pages are entertaining, this writer shows an ability to express himself that is unusual in a first work. Passionate seriousness alternates with humour and irony to make exciting reading…’

‘…I can find no parallels in my own time for such a sparkling talent in a first book...I would have to go – backwards – as far as Nordahl Grieg to find a partner of comparable quality…’

‘…The language is excellent, with an effective, fast-moving idiom that is rich in variation. This book is clearly something beyond the ordinary among contemporary Norwegian books…’

‘…Ivar Rivenaes is a master entertainer with an uncanny ability to switch from subtle irony to black humour…’